Master Key Experience Week 4

So….I found out something interesting after reading the revisions from my guide on my DMP. That I needed to change my PPN’s. I thought they were helping others and true health when in fact they are liberty and true health. I remember Mark saying it was ok if this happens. That it probably even would. Because at first you go with what you think is right, or maybe even what you think society says you should. But after writing my DMP week 2 and then reading what my guide said I should change I realized I needed to change one.

And I admit I was a little upset on my guides notes as to my dad. I had been writing at the very end of my DMP, “and I forget dads last days and replace those with good memories”. And my guide wrote back that he was sorry about what happened to my dad but does subby wanted to be reminded of ‘his last days’ everyday, 3 times a day? And at first I got mad. Not even sure why? Then I realized…..he’s right. Dad’s only been gone for 6 months and while his last week does haunt me I don’t need to be making it worse. But when I first read what he wrote I admit, I thought about quitting. I cried. Almost mad, like let me wallow in my sorrow. And then I realized that is subby talking. Trying to make excuses to go back to my old ways. Trying to get me to give this all up and go back to vegging on the couch mindlessly watching Netflix show after show. I don’t want that anymore. Otherwise when my friend told me about this class why did I suddenly perk up and just KNOW this is what I need. Dad wants me to be happy! He wants me to live and enjoy life. And I promise to do just that dad. And I always keep my promises! -Kimberly


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