Master Key Experience Week 3

I am so behind.

Steve and I went away last weekend – we went camping in South Carolina from Friday to Monday. And it was so peaceful. We went to the mine and I went thinking I would find a huge amethyst point or cluster. I did not so I was a bit sad but I should not have gone with that expectation. I did find an amethyst thought so that cheered me up along with some smoky quartz and candle quartz. It was a great weekend away. Very needed!

I am so behind though with this course. Being away and off the grid I missed Sundays webinar. Just caught it today. And I admit I haven’t been doing all of my daily readings. I need to catch up if I can. I do find that I am doing my chores earlier in the week. Almost excited to get them done. And I am seeing blue rectangles, red circles and green triangles everywhere – street signs are the blue triangles, red circles are a traffic light or a sign, green triangles are certain trees (at least here in Florida). It’s like I can’t NOT do the chore if that makes sense. Because in the end if I don’t I’d be letting myself down and I am so excited for this class and what it’s teaching me – I don’t want that.

I feel as if each new webinar brings a new A-HA moment. I do hear subby sometimes trying to chime in saying “Oh you really don’t have time for that” and I shout right back “Oh YES I do”. I find I make the time now. I don’t sit on the couch as much as I used to mindlessly binge watching Netflix. Or I don’t come home from work, go right to the couch and scroll social media. I find even some days I’m bored with it now. Crazy! But I love it. Makes me feel so productive.

Anxiously awaiting next weeks webinar and excited I’ll be able to listen to it live.


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