Master Key Experience Week 1

Whoa!!!!! Is all I have to say since starting this course.

We had our first webinar last Sunday and while it was long due to technical difficulties, I LOVED it!!!! I thought I would keep looking at the clock but I didn’t. It seemed to go by quickly.

I did feel really overwhelmed the next day looking through all of my notes and then going through all of the papers I printed up for this week. I still feel a little anxious today just thinking about it all but I know that soon it will all become a daily habit – just like brushing my teeth and I am so excited for that part. Actually, ever since I knew I was granted the scholarship I was excited. Like my whole attitude shifted. Weird but I almost felt at peace. Something that, since the death of my father last April, I have not felt. I do attribute that to something that happened to me about a week and a half ago, which I will leave for another post, but I welcome this peaceful feeling with open arms.

I have been wanting to start somewhere but felt lost. I have so many personal development books that I have started and never finished. Not all of them are unfinished…..a few I LOVE!!!! But they hadn’t ignited that spark in me that I feel now after Sundays webinar and going through my daily rituals.

I WILL be my own boss. I am a lunch lady who, while I LOVE who I work with and seeing the kids everyday, I do not want this the rest of my life. My dad was not happy in his job. And some of his last written words were “Life is short – LIVE”. I want to LIVE!!!! Not just go through the motions everyday because I feel like I have to.

I love how Og Mandino’s The Scroll Marked I in his book The Greatest Salesman in the World opens with “Today I begin a new life”. I get to read that everyday, 3 times a day. The third time out loud. Just doing that much excites me. Then adding the blueprint, my DMP, part 1 of the Master Key and sitting in silence for 15 minutes everyday makes me even more gung ho and I can’t wait to learn more next Sunday. But I realize little steps will get me where I want to be. So I need to follow the steps each and everyday. I just haven’t felt this enthused about something in a really long time.

I promise to live Dad!!!!!! I love you and miss you!!!!!




3 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 1

  1. MKE 2019-2020
    I’m very excited for you too. Your Dad’s with you on this journey. I’m sadden that you miss you.
    You are not alone. I went through this in 2015, and have been a Guide ever since.
    Get connected in the Alliance area.
    I look forward to following your journey.
    your Julie


  2. Welcome Kimberley, you are certainly on a journey of transformation and I love that you work amongst young people and are raising your own self-awareness as your energy will impact them too, just by becoming the best version of YOU!. xxx


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