Master Key Experience Week 2

I am writing this as we are on our way to go camping in South Carolina for the weekend. 3 days of being off the grid. 3 days of sleeping in a tent by the water. 3 days of bliss. And 1 day, (tomorrow, which also happens to be my birthday), spent mining Diamond Hill Mine for quartz, smoky quartz and amethyst. I cannot wait.

Anyway this past week was tough. It was dads birthday on the 7th. We’ve always celebrated our birthdays together when possible. Then on top of that a co-worker and good friend of mine found out she has cancer. That word makes me cringe and gets me angry. (If you’re not sure why check my about page) She is in the ICU right now. They told her she was lucky she came in when she did. That’s just messed up. We’re all praying for her and hoping she’s out of ICU soon so we can see her.

So during last weeks webinar we had to write down a chore and put a blue rectangle next to it. The chore had to be done by this Sunday, October 13th. We were also told to notice all blue rectangles throughout our days this entire week. My chore was to clean my bureau (something that is usually always a mess). I started it Monday after work and finished it Tuesday night. I have been noticing everything blue all week. Blue signs along the road, blue covers on mechanical things, the sky, anyone wearing blue, even the blue words that my guide wrote to help me revise my DMP. (I think they were blue…..they were blue right? Hmmmmm…now I’ll have to go and look again). Speaking of my DMP, the first week I didn’t write it until Thursday because I was a little hesitant. This week I had the revisions done on Tuesday.

Last week we had to sit in silence for 15 minutes without moving. Have an itch? Forget about it. That wasn’t too tough as I have done that before. This week though we were told to sit for 15 minutes without moving and with no thought. That’s harder for me. Whenever I have meditated I usually repeat the mantra “ohm ma na shivaya”. This week I couldn’t even do that. So then I would start by trying to think of just a completely white room. But that’s a thought right? So not so sure I’ve gotten that down yet.

We got to “meet” our guide through the Marco Polo app. Seems like a cool app but I have this thing about apps like that and talking to people online. Skype, zoom, facetime…..they freak me out. I don’t know why. It should be no different than talking in person right? But it still freaks me out. So much so that I usually have some excuse to miss my fitness teams Monday night zoom calls. It’s stupid. But it’s a fear of mine. Maybe because I’m not a talker. More of a listener. And I don’t believe in talking just to talk if that makes sense. But I’ll have to get over this because it looks like we’ll be starting zoom calls next week for this course. It already gives me a stomach ache lol.

That’s it for now. Hope everyone has had a great week. Looking forward to being off the grid for the next 3 days and enjoying mother nature and my birthday. Catch you all later!

I promise to have a fabulous weekend!

Oh…and I always keep my promises.



3 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 2

  1. Your weekend trip sounds like a dream! Enjoy! I’m a little envious of your mining excursion! I’d love to find amethyst!
    I’m a talker and I was not thrilled about those “face” apps at first either. The more you use them, the less scary they are! And the good thing about Zoom is you can be a listener and let everyone else talk! Marco Polo has options to send texts and photos too, so you don’t have to show your face unless you want to.


  2. Happy belated birthday Kimberley!!!!!! – The mining for quartz, smoky quartz and amethyst sounds like WOW!!! seeing something like that lodged between the rocks must be an amazing discovery.

    I love that your breaking away the rocks that are also holding back the inner you and sharing on Marco polo is one of the rocks you’re breaking away. Well done and I am so excited for you to be on this journey. !!


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